Facelift as a modern way to rejuvenate

Every woman, having reached a certain age, when it is no longer possible to hide it, begins an active struggle with it. Losing their former attractiveness, the fair sex resort to various methods of influencing the wrinkles and pigmentation that have appeared. Women are trying to restore the elasticity of the skin, muscles and the former oval of the face. Some buy expensive cosmetic preparations, others perform exercise complexes and resort to such a procedure as a facelift, and still others use traditional medicine methods.

The most correct choice is made by those who use the procedures of modern cosmetology offered by specialized clinics and salons.

Let us consider in more detail the methods that are based on tightening the facial muscles.

Non-surgical methods for tightening the muscles of the face

aging skin how to rejuvenate a tightening

Any operation is a risk and serious stress for the body. Every woman can resort to surgery. However, surgery is not always required to achieve the desired muscle tightening result.

Women can fight time in more harmless and gentle ways. It should be noted that surgery may even be contraindicated in some cases.

You can arrange an oval by resorting to the help of cosmetologists, which will significantly save money in comparison with the operation. Hardware face lift is a fairly common procedure.

Lifting is one of the most popular hardware methods in cosmetology. At the moment, there are a large number of directions that help to tighten the face (correct the oval, get rid of excess skin). Let's talk about the most famous ones.

Cryolifting is a muscle tightening method based on the effect of temperature shock. The procedure is carried out using special equipment, the hardware nozzle of which has a temperature of up to -20 ° C. Due to the fact that the skin is affected by a low temperature, the swelling of the face decreases, collagen is produced faster, and the activity of capillaries is stimulated. The maximum effect is achieved during the course (from six to ten procedures).

Ultrasonic SMAS lifting is a muscle tightening method that has an obvious effect immediately after the first session, is consolidated over the next three months, and the result lasts up to five years. By using ultrasonic waves on the muscles and ligaments (deep layers of the skin of the face, neck), the cosmetologist achieves the desired changes. The tightening mechanism works on the principle of an ultrasound machine. In real time, a specialist on a monitor observes how soft tissues change and which layer is affected by the device.

RF lifting. The essence of this method of tightening muscles is the effect of radio frequency pulses on the skin of the face. During the procedure, the epidermis heats up, thereby contracting collagen fibers and muscles. After the fourth session, the changes are obvious: the skin on the face becomes denser and tighter. Thanks to the cumulative effect after a couple of months, the result will be even better.

Fractional photothermolysis is a technology for lifting facial muscles using laser correction. Existing collagen is eliminated by radiation, awakening epidermal cells, facial muscles and promoting the production of new collagen in the shortest possible time. Due to this activity of the cells, the skin acquires a pleasant color, shines and smoothes. To achieve the effect, at least three procedures are required.

Acupuncture lifting - acupuncture. For this procedure, special needles are used, which act on biologically active points located on a person's face. The use of this technique requires certain skills. It is necessary to know the location of the desired points. The contour of the face due to this muscle tightening becomes clearer as a result of the activation of muscle fibers.

This method has obvious advantages:

  • Security. There are practically no side effects and complications, unlike other methods of muscle tightening.
  • The fastest visible result.
  • Acupuncture has a positive effect on the body (internal organs, muscles) due to the effect on the nerve endings (biologically active points) on the face.
  • The method promotes relaxation and has an anti-stress effect.
  • You can combine acupuncture lifting with other cosmetic procedures. With an integrated approach, a longer result is achieved.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Non-Surgical Face Tightening

Based on numerous customer reviews, a list of advantages has been formed:

  1. The above methods of facial muscle tightening are comfortable and painless. No anesthesia required.
  2. Reducing the risk of complications. Lack of surgical intervention. No scars remain, infection is excluded.
  3. This method does not require recovery time (rehabilitation) in comparison with the operation, does not interfere with the usual rhythm of life.
  4. The ability to perform procedures all year round, since the top layer of the skin is not disturbed.
  5. High results are achieved. The skin of the face becomes firm and smooth and retains the effect for 1–1. 5 years.
before and after skin rejuvenation with tightening photo 1

In addition to its advantages, any method has disadvantages that you need to be aware of in order to take them into account in non-surgical facelift.

It is prohibited to carry out procedures in the following cases:

  • during the activation of infectious skin lesions (acne, etc. );
  • in the presence of chronic diseases, as well as general ones in the exacerbation stage;
  • in the presence of pacemakers and metal implants;
  • in the presence of formations (tumors) at the sites of the procedure;
  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Surgical methods for tightening the muscles of the face

preparation for facelift surgery for rejuvenation

Rhytidectomy (circular lift) is an operation to tighten the muscles of the face, the task of which is to eliminate fat, deposits, excess tissue, as well as to remove deep wrinkles (from the face and neck), double chin and nasolabial folds. The result is noticeable rejuvenation.

It can be deep, shallow and mixed.

Superficial rhytidectomy consists of three stages:

  1. An incision is made from the hairline in the temple area, following down the visible border of the auricle, then under the lobe, returning to the border of the hair behind the ear. If it is necessary to remove the second chin, another incision is made: on the lower jaw from the inside near the chin.
  2. Further, the skin is separated from the underlying tissues. Remove excess muscle and, if required, fat cells.
  3. The final stage is skin tightening. The edges are aligned, seams are applied.

Deep circular lifting (SMAS-lifting) is a method of eliminating wrinkles with face contour correction. During the procedure, the tendon and muscle-fascial complexes are displaced simultaneously with the superficial rhytidectomy. The result has a long-term effect, but at the same time the recovery time is increased.

Combined rhytidectomy. With this method, correction occurs due to tissue tension in different directions. The removal of excess tissue near the outer border of the masseter muscle is added to the superficial and deep circular lifting.

The operation can take anywhere from two to six hours. It all depends on the type of procedure, the complexity and the desired result. The recovery period usually takes about three weeks and consists in the elimination of physical exertion. It is forbidden to lift weights, do inclines. Sleeping is required on your back. It is necessary to limit exposure to the sun, heat exposure (do not take baths, do not visit saunas and baths for about three months).

The result will be achieved after 3 months and will last for 5-10 years.

SMAS plastic (space-lifting) is an up-to-date technique for correcting the oval and relief of the face with the simultaneous elimination of wrinkles. With this lift, the muscle tissue is displaced. Unlike the circular one, which affects only the upper layers of the skin, here they affect the deep layers and structures (muscles). After SMAS plastic surgery and a recovery period, the face acquires a natural look, the dermis is not stretched, the shape of the eyes and the line of the mouth do not change.

The operation technique is similar to a circular lift. The only difference is that the doctor, after making the incision, shifts the subcutaneous fibromuscular layer, removes excess adipose tissue, and then forms the oval of the face and sutures. At the same time, the skin is not stretched.

After 10-12 days, the stitches can be removed. The end result will be visible after two months, and the effect will last at least 12, or even 15 years.

before and after skin rejuvenation with tightening photo 2

S-lifting. This procedure is suitable for those people who have not yet experienced serious age-related changes (muscle deformation), or for a second procedure. It is called a short-cicatricial or short-flap lift.

It contains the techniques of SMAS lifting. It affects both the top layer of the skin and deep tissue structures. The face is tightened, rejuvenated, looks natural, and not taut like a mask.

This method is the least traumatic. Small seams remain. They are located behind the ear and are not visible to strangers. The procedure is aimed at achieving an even contour of the lower jaw and correcting this part of the face.

Stages of the operation:

  1. In women, an incision is made behind the tragus of the ear, in men in front.
  2. In the required position, the surgeon fixes the soft tissues, then sutures in the cheekbones to the periosteal tissue.
  3. Skin flaps are excised, SMAS lifting is done, internal sutures are applied.

Advantages of S-lifting:

  • A neat small incision that is almost invisible after removing the stitches.
  • Due to the chosen method of excision of excess tissue, the risk of damage to the facial nerve is minimized.
  • Short duration of the operation, the use of gentle anesthesia.
  • Minimal risks of complications.
  • Low cost.
  • Fast recovery period.

Disadvantages of S-lifting:

  • If deep superficial wrinkles are present, it may not be effective.
  • Painful sensations when chewing are likely due to the internal seams located on the cheekbones.

Check-lifting is a type of surgery that allows you to get rid of age-related changes in the middle third of the face (bags under the eyes, deep nasolabial folds, sagging cheeks). Cosmetologists recommend performing this manipulation in conjunction with blepharoplasty.

With this procedure, wrinkles and sagging skin can be eliminated. Swelling disappears from the face.

With this method, incisions are made on the skin of the eyelids. It is often chosen as a replacement for rhytidectomy. The recovery period lasts from two weeks. The effect will last for 5-7 years.

Advantages: the duration of the operation is 40–90 minutes, facial expressions and facial features are preserved, minimal pain syndrome during the recovery period.

Cons: rare, but complications can still appear.

MAX-lifting is a kind of S-lifting. The main difference is that shortened incisions are made during the operation. Like S-lifting, the method is based on the excision of excess skin and lifting of the deep structural layers of the face.

Advantages of the method:

  • Minimal risk factor for high performance.
  • Effective removal of sagging skin on the middle and lower parts of the face, smoothing the nasolabial folds, correcting the oval (angle) between the neck and chin.
  • Short rehabilitation period.
  • The suturing method lifts the eyes to the cheekbones, which visually opens the eyes.
  • Facial expressions are not disturbed, and the person looks natural.

The disadvantages include possible complications due to surgery: bruising, inflammation, hematomas, edema.

Injection techniques for tightening the muscles of the face

An excellent option that can replace surgery. As a result of this procedure, the effect is achieved as quickly as possible without sacrificing durability. There is no recovery period, no strict restrictions. The price is comparable to the cost of the hardware course.

3D filaments - the method is based on the creation of a subcutaneous framework from very thin filaments. The material from which the latter are made dissolves over time. With this method, deep wrinkles are eliminated, the skin is smoothed, the oval of the face is tightened. The entire procedure takes half an hour or an hour and is performed under local anesthesia. The result will last up to two years.

skin tightening with threads for rejuvenation

Contour plastic is the fact that a special material is injected under the skin - hyaluronic acid. It does not cause rejection and allergic reactions. The substance fills in the places where deep wrinkles have formed, helping to shape the desired facial contour.

For injections, it is enough to use local anesthesia (spray or gel). The method practically does not cause pain. The effect lasts from 12 to 20 months.

Volumetric modeling (soft-lift) is a method similar to contour plastic according to Swedish technology. The difference is that the injections of the drug are made deeper. In the process, the voids of wrinkles are filled, you can return the relief and even edit the shape of the chin, cheekbones, and correct asymmetry. The result is often compared to plastic surgery. The effect lasts for a year.

Biorevitalization - the same injections of hyaluronic acid, but low molecular weight. Gives the skin a moisturizing and rejuvenating effect, gives a healthy look. It is widely used at the age of 25–35 years, when there are still no serious age-related changes, but the first signs of aging are already noticeable. The acid lasts for about 12 months.

Bio-reinforcement. This method uses a gel-like consistency of hyaluronic acid. The substance, when injected under the skin, is distributed and creates an additional frame, which forms the necessary oval of the face. It is recommended to use this method for people aged 40–45 years. The result lasts for a year.

injectable skin tightening for rejuvenation

Plasmolifting, PRP method - the name derives from the technology of the procedure. When the client's plasma is injected under the skin, which is enriched with platelets, rejuvenation occurs. In the cells of the epidermis, metabolic processes are accelerated, and oxygenation of the skin begins. Cells regenerate on their own. The skin acquires a natural tone, wrinkles and folds are smoothed out. This procedure has been offered since the age of 25 for the prevention of aging. After 35 years, it is most effective to perform these manipulations in combination with other courses, then the result will be as stable and noticeable as possible.

Mesotherapy is the introduction of meso cocktails under the skin. This is a biological composition specially selected for the patient (hyaluronic acid, vitamins, etc. ), which is formed depending on the existing problem. It is carried out in a course of 3-4 procedures to achieve a good result of muscle tightening. It is recommended to perform it when the first signs of skin aging appear and in the presence of problems (age spots, acne, etc. ).

Tightening the muscles of the face at home

face contour correction and skin tightening for rejuvenation

There is an opportunity to correct the oval of the face and even tighten the skin a little at home. To do this, in the early stages, you can use ordinary cucumber juice, which you want to freeze, and then wipe your skin in the morning with a cube of such ice. For these purposes, you can use herbal infusions (wormwood, chamomile, dandelion leaves).

The technique of temperature contrast (alternating application of cold and hot compresses) and gymnastics for tightening the muscles of the face are effective.

Modern cosmetics contain substances that can slightly adjust the shape of the face. So, on the shelves you can see various creams with collagen, protein and amino acids. In addition, a large amount of plant extracts and vegetable oils are added to them, as well as the well-known vitamins E, A, C. Some formulations include beeswax, hop estrogens, blue clay.

With the help of alginate masks and serums, you can achieve a quick, but not long-term, muscle-tightening effect, since they have a similar composition, but a higher concentration.

Exercises for the muscles of the face to tighten the oval at home are widespread. To achieve better results, it is recommended to combine them with massage (you can use a special simulator).

The simplest exercise for tightening the muscles of the face and neck: try to slowly pronounce all the vowels of our alphabet, but only with your mouth wide open and tensing your muscles a little. Or pinch the pencil with your lips and write the alphabet and numbers in the air.