Anti-aging oils: esters that guard beauty

essential oils for facial skin rejuvenation

Essential oils have been used for rejuvenation since ancient times. Many cosmetics manufacturers have adopted oils and are actively introducing them into their cosmetics for hair and skin.

And this is one of the few natural ingredients in commercial cosmetics.

However, to give the cream the desired anti-aging effect and favorite scent, you can simply add a suitable essential oil to an existing cream or shampoo, or prepare your home cosmetic with an anti-aging droplet.

Anti-aging essential oils


Ideal for aging skin. Geranium is a natural phytoestrogen, therefore it will be very useful for women after forty years. A couple of drops of geranium essential oil can be added to your regular cream before applying to your skin.


Strengthens blood circulation, reduces old stretch marks, promotes skin cell renewal. They are advised to enrich masks and shampoos for intensive hair growth.


One of the most effective, which of course affects its cost (therefore, buying an unreasonably cheap bottle of neroli = buying a fake). It is recommended to add a few drops to masks and creams in order to improve complexion and increase skin tone.


Ylang-ylang oil is very fond of Indian women. This tool effectively fights against oily skin, normalizing the work of the sebaceous glands, helps to narrow pores and reduce wrinkles.

By adding five drops of this ester to your shampoo, you will give your hair extra shine.

Tea tree

Suitable if you are familiar with the problem of dandruff. It will be an excellent assistant in the fight against this cosmetic flaw.


An excellent "feminine" remedy. Perfectly evens out the relief of the face. With its help, you will provide yourself with optimal care for sensitive skin prone to dryness, lip care. In addition, it is included in many erotic mixtures.

the Rose

It is used everywhere in perfumery and cosmetic products. It improves complexion, makes wrinkles less noticeable, has a powerful antioxidant effect, and promotes the production of its own collagen. Add to creams and shampoos, face and hair masks.


Owners of oily skin types will surely like bergamot essential oil, as it regulates the sebaceous glands and helps to narrow the pores. In addition, bergamot has a good whitening effect, with its help you can get rid of freckles and small age spots.

Pink tree

Its scent is a bit like a rose. And it is used very actively in anti-aging cosmetics. It is recommended to add a few drops to milk or face creams; after a week or two of regular use of this oil, your skin will become more elastic and taut.