Fractional laser facial rejuvenation

Unfortunately, to look young forever by the mere effort of will somehow complicated. However, you can take the will in a fist and go to the clinic to make an appointment for cosmetic facial rejuvenation. What? Why, though fractional laser! In this article we will explain what fractional rejuvenation of the face and what it eats.

massage lines on the faces of the girls

The title is not in vain, it appears the word "laser". The procedure is actually carried out using the laser apparatus. The procedure of fractional laser rejuvenation of face skin of these machine will help to cope with the following cosmetic defects:

  • Wrinkles.
  • Hyperpigmentation.
  • Scars and scars.
  • The decrease in turgor.
  • Uneven skin relief.
  • Uneven complexion.
  • Post-acne.

How does the fractional facial rejuvenation

The whole secret of the efficiency of fractional skin rejuvenation is a special laser effect on the skin. And this secret we will reveal to you now. The laser device has a special attachment that divides the beam into a multitude of very thin (thinner than a human hair) microbeams. Microbeams arranged in a kind of mesh intervals. First, it allows you to evenly treat the skin, which affects the efficiency of eliminating defects. Secondly, the so treated a large area of the skin, which reduces the time fractional laser facial rejuvenation. Third, the reduced capacity of each individual microbeam, which prevents extensive burn. In addition, the beams of the apparatus of such a wavelength that microbeams act directly on the inner layers of skin without affecting the stratum corneum. However, the beam penetrates no deeper than 1.4 mm, so deeper layers and internal organs also are affected. This, in turn, reduces the rehabilitation period after procedures using the "Fraxel". Fractional rejuvenation is performed under local anesthesia, so the patient actually doesn't feel any discomfort.

Fractional rejuvenation: before and after the procedure

Approximately two weeks before and after fractional rejuvenation is recommended to hold a session of biorevitalization. Before the procedure this will prepare the skin to fractional laser rejuvenation, and after that will help her recover. But tan before a session is undesirable, so about 15 days before the session, you will have to give up tanning, the beach and sunbathing. Also, you are advised to visit a doctor who will carry out laser resurfacing. It is necessary to identify contraindications and advice.


After fractional laser facial rejuvenation physician will give General and individual advice on skin care.

To common include:

  1. The rejection of the Solarium and the beach within a month.
  2. If fractional laser skin resurfacing was carried out in warm season, preferably before going outside apply on skin of sunscreen.
  3. To abandon the use of cosmetics with active ingredients (e.g. fruit acids, retinoids etc.) for the first time.

Mild swelling and redness are common reactions and usually disappear within 2-3 days, and because it is not necessary to worry about their appearance.


Like most other cosmetic procedures, fractional laser skin rejuvenation has contraindications to. These include:

  1. Pregnancy and lactation.
  2. Intake of retinoids and their external use.
  3. The presence of tattoos in the treatment site.
  4. Infectious diseases in the period of exacerbation.
  5. Oncological diseases in anamnesis.
  6. Predisposition of the skin to scarring.
  7. Problems with the healing of the skin.
  8. Peeling, conducted less than two weeks ago.