How to effectively rejuvenate facial skin

healthy and youthful skin

Lack of sleep, poor nutrition, ecology and poor-quality care, in addition to age-related skin changes, contribute to the intensive fading of facial beauty. It takes a long time to regain its original elasticity, velvety, glow and natural shine at home. However, some recommendations will help to constantly maintain the skin in good shape and at any time to look young, delicious, regardless of age.

Products that can be found in the kitchen of almost every housewife will help rejuvenate the skin at home. From them, prepare effective nourishing masks, lotions and tonics. In addition, regular consumption of anti-aging products will make it easier to deal with problem skin.

Rules of preparation for anti-aging procedures

No cosmetic product will "light up" the face with youth and beauty, if you do not follow the following rules:

  • Take care of yourself according to your age. Care at 20 and at 35 is significantly different, and even more so after 40. Remember how at 20 you could come late at night, go to bed for 3-4 hours, wake up vigorous, and this was not particularly reflected on your face. At 35 this will not work, now you need:
  • sleep longer and go to bed earlier, because lack of sleep affects beauty and health
  • observe the regime
  • to walk a lot in the fresh air
  • go in for sports
  • eat healthy foods
  • have regular sex (if possible)
  • take an invigorating shower in the morning and a pleasant hot shower in the evening
  • Try to lose weight. Agree that obese and overweight girls look much older than their years. Excess weight pours years, and you don't even understand how old a person is - 20 or 45?
  • Don't get too busy at work. You must understand and feel your load. There is an obvious difference between a woman who plows and does not spare herself and the one who sits at home and cleans feathers, or works for her own pleasure.
  • Use high-quality age-related cosmetics. Cheap means can only do harm, after which it is much more difficult for aging skin to recover.
  • Minimize alcohol consumption and quit smoking. The physical form of a woman wears out quickly, so it is difficult to restore facial skin after prolonged use of harmful substances, even if you were addicted to them 10 years ago. In addition, these are the traits that annoy men.
  • Carefully use the services of a beautician. It all starts with harmless cleaning and applying a mask. But then you are offered to chop oxygen cocktails, slightly enlarge your lips to moisturize them, pour filler under your eyes, put strings. And now you no longer see boundaries and cease to adequately assess yourself from the outside.
  • Watch your facial expressions. Let go of frustration, sadness, and depression. Youth lies in the energy that goes through the eyes, smile, action and positive emotions. A dull expression makes you look very old and takes 50% of all beauty.

Any rejuvenating procedure by a beautician requires skin preparation: it is necessary to protect it from stress as much as possible and provide additional moisture.

  • At least two weeks (or preferably a month) should pass after active sunbathing.
  • Simultaneous or continuous passage of procedures similar in effect is not recommended.
  • A few days before the procedure, it makes sense to completely refrain from smoking and alcohol.
  • Try to avoid spicy and salty foods so as not to stress blood vessels and cause swelling.
  • It does not hurt to carry out a course of intensive moisturizing with serums or masks.
  • It is important to understand that many procedures are quite painful and may take several days to recover.

Express methods for face freshening

The principle of instant freshness and facelift methods is the intensive nutrition of useful minerals, hydration and acceleration of metabolic processes in the cells of the dermis. Result on face:

  • light blush and lack of dullness of the face - achieved by improving blood circulation and blood flow to the cells of the dermis;
  • clean skin without blackheads and excessive shine - cleansing preparatory stage for deep, intense nourishment. Already after high-quality face cleansing - the skin is noticeably transformed, "breathes";
  • even relief, smoothness of the face - massage and lifting of the product will enhance the effect and fix it.

It is impossible to guarantee complete elimination of wrinkles in 15 minutes, however, smoothing the surface, returning to the tone of tissues is quite real.

Cosmetological methods of rejuvenation

Professional ways of dealing with age consist in a variety of techniques. Among them there are effective for all skin types, elimination of related problems and for any budget.


rejuvenation injections

Beauty shots are made with botulinum toxin. It includes Botex, Xeomin and Dysport. The procedure consists in the subcutaneous injection of substances to smooth out large wrinkles of the nasolabial triangle, eliminate crow's feet and acne marks.

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In addition to botulinum toxin, vitamins and hyaluronic or lactic acid are used. They fill in large folds. The injections are effective for temporarily smoothing wrinkles, are available to almost everyone and do not require a long recovery period.

Popular ways to rejuvenate with injections:

  • Biorevitalization- natural revitalization of the skin by injection with hyaluronate.
  • Mesotherapy- the introduction of vitamins to eliminate age-related changes and defects.
  • Bio-reinforcement- injections with a gel filler or threads, which accelerates collagen production and removes deep wrinkles.
  • Ozone therapy- saturation of the skin with ozone and oxygen to normalize metabolic processes.
  • Contouring- injection face shape alignment using fillers (fillers) with hyaluronic acid.
  • Plasmolifting- the introduction of a person under the skin of his blood to level the facial relief.


These methods of rejuvenation include:

care procedures for rejuvenation
  • Cleansing.
  • Peeling - light or deep.
  • Toning.
  • Classical or lymphatic drainage massage.
  • Applying a moisturizing or nourishing mask.

Hardware cosmetology

Rejuvenation takes place with the help of physiotherapy devices that have a beneficial effect on all layers of the skin. Deep wrinkles, scars and other imperfections are eliminated.

Facial rejuvenation without surgery:

  • Microcurrent therapy- stimulation of subcutaneous cells with low-force impulses.
  • Laser rejuvenation- elimination of wrinkles or folds, skin discoloration.
  • Cryotherapy- anti-aging effect of liquid nitrogen.
  • RF-lifting- facelift using electromagnetic pulses.
  • Photorejuvenation- high intensity light stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

Facial cleansing toners and lotions

Deep cleansing is an obligatory action, which begins with facial care. Cleaning procedures should be performed in the morning and evening. Falling asleep with make-up is detrimental to the skin, at night it must rest and intensively renew the lost strength. Morning cleaning is also not worth neglecting. Get rid of dead skin cells with scrubs, lotions, tonics and masks.

tonics and lotions for rejuvenation

Toning is an additional, no less important stage of cleansing. It allows you to finally get rid of the remnants of skin contamination.

Make your own lotion. To do this, pre-brew green tea at the rate of 1 bag for 60-70 g of water. Chop half a fresh cucumber and 1 tbsp. rose petals. Mix everything and grind with a blender. Wipe your face with a cotton pad and wash yourself with warm water.

Facial massage and gymnastics

Before applying the mask, it is recommended to perform a light self-massage of the face. It will increase blood circulation and restore elasticity to tissues. All movements must be performed only with clean hands. Essential oils (jojoba oil, olive oil or linseed oil) will help enhance the effectiveness.

Japanese Asahi Facial Massage is very popular, the basics of which can be viewed here.

Gymnastic exercises are also distinguished by instant action. They do not require special skills and abilities, only attentiveness and regularity of classes. A large number of types of gymnastics will solve the question "How to quickly rejuvenate the face? "

Cosmetic ice and contrast compresses

cosmetic procedures for rejuvenation

Cosmetic ice - effectively tones the skin. For cooking, both herbal decoctions and ordinary filtered water can be used. The effect of freshness, rapid restoration of tone is achieved due to the contrast of the temperature effect on the cells. In addition, the lost moisture is instantly replenished, which is especially important in hot times. Rub the skin several times with ice cubes along the massage lines. The procedure will take 2-3 minutes, but the result will please. You do not need to wipe your face, let it dry itself.

Contrast compresses will help you to refresh your face at home and restore the lost tone of tissues in a matter of minutes. Soak a clean towel in herbal decoction of chamomile, calendula and gently lay on the surface of the face for 2-4 minutes. Moisten the second towel in cold water or broth and also lay on the skin. You need to alternate towels 4 times. You need to use this method at least every other day.


We need:

  • Honey - 40 ml.
  • Sunflower oil - 60 g.
  • Yolk.

Rub the yolk and honey thoroughly and add the oil. Apply several times in a row, every five minutes, until the mass ends. Suitable for dry skin.

We need oatmeal, honey and protein. We take products in equal proportions. Mix warm honey with flour and slightly beaten egg white. Apply the resulting thick mass to the skin and keep it until completely dry for about 20 minutes.

Express masks with lifting effect

Homemade face masks provide instant, pronounced lifting, nourishment and hydration of the skin. To prepare the product, only natural, high-quality and fresh products are used. Here are some homemade mask recipes that will help you quickly regain lost shape:

  • 1 tbspmix minimally chopped dill greens with 1 tsp. olive oils. Add Hercules flakes, ground in a coffee grinder, to a mixture until thick;
  • 1 tbspgrind fatty cottage cheese with 2 tbsp. sour cream, add 5 g of table salt.

Apply a thick layer of both masks to cleansed skin for 20 minutes. Then rinse off the remnants of the mask with cool running water.

Face lifting cream will help to consolidate the achieved result. The day cream will provide additional protection, while the night cream will intensively nourish you.

Home Rejuvenation Techniques

Many women are sure that the process of rejuvenation requires very large material and time costs. Of course, if a woman starts taking care of herself too late, then the only way out may be salon procedures. But if you start taking care of your face at the age of 30, then folk remedies may well help. When using them, a woman can be sure of the naturalness of the components. In addition, the advantage of home procedures is also the low cost and the ability to carry them out at a convenient time. If a woman has a question how to rejuvenate her face at home, then there are several ways.

Massage to improve blood circulation

It can be done both in the salon and at home. The massage improves blood circulation and nourishment of facial skin cells. Self-massage should be done daily along the massage lines. If you use essential oils or an anti-aging cream, the effect will increase several times. With the help of massage, you can get rid of swelling and skin folds. If you combine massage with other anti-aging procedures, you can achieve a very good effect in a very short time.

Masks are an effective remedy

The mask is the most effective method of rejuvenation. It is necessary to carry out procedures 2-3 times a week, regardless of the type of facial skin. The effect of their application will become noticeable very soon. It is also a very enjoyable process.The result of applying masks is obvious:

  • face skin will become smooth and even;
  • complexion will be natural;
  • fine wrinkles will disappear, and deep ones will be slightly smoothed out and become less noticeable;
  • new wrinkles appear more slowly;
  • cells are better protected from damage;
  • the skin is saturated with vitamins and minerals;
  • will sharpen the outline of the face.

Masks should be applied to steamed skin, the pores of which are maximally opened. The time of exposure to the skin is 15-30 minutes. Rinse off the masks preferably with mineral water. After 10-15 procedures, you need to change the composition of the mask, to which the dermis has become accustomed during this time. The most common masks for a youthful face are the following:

  • brewer's yeast mixed with whey in a 3: 1 ratio;
  • juice is squeezed out of aloe leaves, previously kept in the refrigerator for 10 days, and 1 tbsp. l. you need to add to the moisturizer with 1 tbsp. l. olive oil;
  • 1 tbsp. l. butter, applesauce, honey, and yolk;
  • 1 tbsp. l. plantain leaves with warm water and 1 tsp. honey;
  • mixture of 1 tbsp. l. cucumber puree, mashed black currant berries and sour cream;
  • banana puree with yolk, 1 tsphoney and olive oil;
  • boiled mashed potatoes.

Masks with pumpkin puree or butter work well. Flaxseed oil works well with wrinkles. It can be simply applied to the skin, or it can be added to the composition of masks.

Herbal masks are very good for rejuvenating the face. For this, leaves of strawberry, plantain, yarrow, currant, linden are suitable. Pour a small amount of boiling water over four tablespoons of the mixture. Apply the resulting gruel for 15 minutes. Herbs have a very fast effect.

Compresses for cleansing and rejuvenation

This treatment perfectly cleanses the skin by enlarging the pores. The composition of the right compresses allows you to give your face a beautiful and radiant look in a short time:

  • Rose petals. Pour a handful of petals with a glass of mineral water, bring to a boil and allow to cool to a comfortable temperature.
  • Green tea. Strongly brewed tea compress cleanses and tones.
  • A mixture of herbs. 1 tbsp. l. add to 200 ml of hot water, leave for 15 minutes. For this procedure, nettle, sage, lavender, viburnum are suitable.
  • Rosehip or birch buds. 2 tbsp. l. pour 1 tbsp. boiling water and leave for 30 minutes.

Usually, a gauze or thin towel is soaked in liquid and applied for 20-30 minutes. A very good effect is brought by a compress from olive oil.

Contrasting compresses can be excellent results. For this, warm and cool water is prepared, and applied to the face alternately until body temperature is reached.

Anti-wilt essential oils

They play a big role in rejuvenation. Natural essential oils fight free radicals.The use of oils heals, improves nutrition, hydration and cleansing of cells.

The best oils for youthful skin:

  • Rose. It tones the skin, removes age spots, restores skin cells.
  • Rosemary. Renews cells and enhances blood circulation, effectively eliminates fine wrinkles.
  • Geranium. This oil should be preferred by women over 40. Suitable for sensitive dermis and helps to restore elasticity very well.
  • Rosewood. Its use slows down the aging process and tightens the skin of the face.

Oils can be added to masks, creams or compresses.The best time for such therapyis ​​evening, because the skin should rest after the procedures.